Placement Brochure


“It was pleasure for me that I was able to share my practical knowledge with students and my feeling is that these students are very focused and they know what is their goal”

-Head Sales Operation


“During my interactions I found ICM students were keen to know about retail as function in the markiet and what industy offers them as a career”

-Cluster Head Retail Banking

RELIGARE Securities

“For me it was a glory that i spent my time with ICM students and they were vry specific about their goal how portfolio industry moves in the corporate world and what is the role of finance professionals”

-Vice President(sales)


“My sincere thanks to ICM and it was an indeed great pleasure having an interaction with future managers andstrong desire to have a right knowledge for the banking industry”

-Associate Vice president

TVS- Lucas

“I wish my sincere wishes to all ICM students for their career and every body must work on the ground for strong footing in their future career”

-Plant H.R. Head

Dunlop India Ltd

“It was excellent performance from ICM students during their fifteen days training in the field and I was amazed the way they did their job which includes live interviews from the customer end and I wish my sincere thanks to them”

-Regional Head north


“For me it was the first time experience that institute like ICM in parting training at the level of IIM’s and FMS which I have seen through eyes of ICM students while they were doing training for BASE Automo tive Battries”

-Director Marketing


Capital H Group

“The based on research with 40 partners company I have identified 10 missing management skills and one of them was to have right attitude towards a management goal which I have observed in ICm students are possessing in their mind”

-Managing Partner